Oh Well...

The day has been crazy and I have not had time to pull up the weird news for the week.

I had to go to the Dr. with my oldest daughter for her foot. She has splintered the 5th metatarsal in her left foot. She has to be in a walking shoe until July 1...fortunately, she will be able to take it off to go swimming. At least her summer is not totally ruined.

I am so glad that it is Friday. The only fun thing that I have planned this weekend in getting caught up on the pile of laundry. Sounds fun, huh?

I don't think I am going to go to the club tonight...I am just in the mood to sit back and do nothing. It has been an emotionally exhausting week and I am still tired from my trip last weekend. Having some chill out time sounds so good!

Nasty Book

So, Scott McClellan has written a book about the "horrible things that happened in the White House" while he was there. This is a bunch of hogwash in my opinion. This is a man that was FIRED!!!! That fact alone is enough to discount this entire book. If he was so upset why didn't he say something when he was there. From my understanding most of what he has included were things that he didn't even have access to. Meetings that he was not a part of were even included in the book.

I think I will sit down and write a book about my former boss that fired me. Wonder how much I could make.

This is all about $$$$$$$ and nothing more.


Do you remember when you were a kid? When things were as simple as picking out the right thing to wear for the day? When most every choice that you had really wasn't a choice at all?

My oldest daughter reminds me of those days. She can't wait to be a grown up. I tell her that it doesn't get any better. Parents telling you what to do just gets replaced by a boss telling you what to do. Parents telling you what you can spend money on just gets replaced by bill collectors and the IRS. She just looks at me like I am crazy.

So, what is my point? I have some really big choices to make in my life right now. What do I really want for my life? Will making changes really "change" anything? What are my choices and which one is the best one?

It all just makes me long for those simple times when someone could just tell me what to do.

All I do know is that I have really steered far away from the things that I know are right. Somewhere along the way I decided that a little happiness was enough and that the things that I really want for my life do not matter enough to fight for.

It all just makes me want to pull my hair out!

"Where Would I Rather Be?" Wednesday

Ok...I am too tired to go anywhere but here. Not very exciting but it is where I would really like to be!

Weekend Madness

Ok, so why is it that a 3 day weekend only makes me tired? I needed to come back to work to get some rest!

I left work on Friday and drove 5 hours to visit my mother. I had a good visit but it was filled with Grandma's comments and a forced visit to church to give my sufficient dose of guilt about "living in sin", not going to church, etc. The highlight of the trip was shopping at Hanes Mall and finally buying some much needed clothes.

Monday, the girls and I headed home and then went to a cookout. The evening ended when my oldest daughter decided to jump off of a trailer and proceeded to twist her ankle and we headed to the ER. Fortunately, it only took an hour but we left with a broken bone, a soft cast and crutches! She is devastated that her summer is starting this way.

Here is where the fun begins. Her father...the a**hole...tore into me about being a horrible mother and threatened to call his attorney. OMG! She was being a kid...having fun and an accident happened. I went home fuming!

I think I would rather skip the 3 day weekends!

Freaky Friday News

It is time for the weird news for the week....

There was enough local news to be considered weird for this week! No joke these happened right here!

1) "Catch that Goat" Award: This one is a local story about a goat that jumped off of a bridge and got caught in the mud. The story of how the goat was rescued is kind of funny! Just how big is the goat population on Hilton Head anyway?

2) "O Give Me a Home" Award: Another local story! Not sure what is going on here but we had a herd of buffalo on the loose in town! There is a video with this story!!! OMG!

The BIG oops!

Last night was the finale to American Idol. Admittedly, I didn't watch this season because frankly I don't have the time to sit and watch TV very often. But I do tend to watch the last shows of popular programs.

So, last night I was set to watch and what do I hear? STATIC Through the entire show there was nothing but STATIC. You could watch but not hear. I was angry and can only imagine the anger of the folks that watched the entire season.

Then after the show was over, the 10 pm news came on with an apology for the technical problems. OMG! They must have gotten some nasty calls for that to have been the top story. I don't think that the apology was enough though!

This is not the first time that this station has dropped the ball. They did it for the Daytona 500 also....now that REALLY PISSED ME OFF! Everyone that knows me...knows better than to mess with my ability to watch the race.

So, channel 10...get your act together!

Where Would You Rather Be? Wednesday

This week's travel wish takes me somewhere a little unexpected. I wanted to go on my daydream trip to somewhere different where I can get some great pictures.


I actually have a friend that lives in Sedona and he says that you have never seen a real sunset until you see it through the Red Rocks. With hiking, jeep tours, horseback riding and tons of other stuff...this would sure keep me busy!

Go Back Home

The saddest story has hit this area really hard this week. A 17 year old, who wasn't drinking, was hit by a drunk driver while on his way home from the prom. The boy is in a coma and from all of the reports, it doesn't look good.

The drunk driver was an illegal alien who had no drivers license, no insurance and who was only 20 years old! He left the scene of the accident and investigators found him using a witness account and evidence left at the scene. This sorry excuse for a man is now claiming that they have the wrong person because he had 2 ID's in his car! WTF???

Around here, we see this kind of a story play out over and over. I have nothing against people that move here and become citizens...they are searching for the same things that my ancestors were searching for. I do have a huge issue with people that have no respect for our laws and who are only here to turn USA into Mexico. I don't want to learn to speak your language...I am in America and our language is ENGLISH...you need to learn my language!

If you don't want to be a real American....just go home!

EDITED: 05/21/2008 This young man passed away. My heartfelt prayers go out to his family.

Small Town Horrors

I grew up in a small town and I live in a small town now. After the past week, I have to say that I would love to live in a big city where I could melt into the obscurity of the masses. It is tiring watching someone live under a microscope and having his every move scrutinized.

Right now, I hate living in a town that only a couple of weeks ago I was proud of. I hate most of the people in the town and I hate the actions taken by some.

I am jumbled up...I am angry and I really don't know what to say.

Freaky News Friday

It is time to review the world's weird news stories of the week.

1) THE NAUGHTY SEAL AWARD: A seal was caught on tape trying to have sex with a penguin. Actually, from the description it sounds like this seal was trying to rape this poor defenseless creature and we should contact the ACLU!!!!

2) THE DROP THAT CANDY AWARD: An Iowa man was arrested for assaulting an officer when he threw M & M's as the officer. Apparently an piece of the candy hit the officer on the shoulder and he will never be the same again.

3) THE GO AS SLOW AS YOU CAN AWARD: An Illinois man has doubled his gas milage by "hypermiling". Try that on hwy 278!!!!

4) THE BUT DAD I NEEDED ONE AWARD: A Texas teen is in a bit of hot water after he stole his father's credit card. Did he go and buy the hottest game for his Wii? NO...He bought 2 Hookers! Just what every teenager needs!

5) THE DUMB ASS PARENT AWARD: A family in a rush to get to the airport gate "forgot" their 23 month old!!! The thing that gets me is that they didn't even realize it until they were contacted during a layover!!!

Where Would You Rather Be? Wednesday

Well, after a disappointing loss yesterday...I decided that this week I would rather be at the happiest place on Earth. Since SO said numerous times that if he lost he would go to Disney World...this is in honor of him and the 16 years of devoted public service!

Known as the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World is the ultimate vacation destination. With 4 parks, water parks, shopping, night clubs and more there is a never ending amount of things to do. Throw in a cute mouse and his pals, and you can't help but smile!

Small Town Politics

Well, today is election day. I have been trying to come up with something to say about it but my mind is exhausted.

My SO will probably not win. He has been mayor for 16 years and everyone that has supported him through the years have bought into the lies and innuendo that has been spread. SO has devoted his life to this town...has found a way to give the citizens everything that they ask for. He has kept 100% of every promise that he has made. His payment? To get stabbed in the back by all of the people that he has fought so hard for.

In true Forest Gump fashion....That's all I got to say about that.

UPDATE 4 PM: There have actually been people that have been asked to leave for campaigning at the polls...in the actual room where the voters are voting. One was from the neighboring town and I am not really sure what it mattered to her anyway.

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

Last night I watched one of the best movies of all times...Forest Gump. I love that movie! There are so many quotable things in that movie. It is so much fun to sit and watch a movie that is just wholesome. I never noticed that this movie was based on a book...I think I might try to find a copy and give it a read.

Other than that, the morning was full of DMV madness so I am frustrated.

The election is tomorrow and given the tone of the voters at Friday night's Candidate Forum...things do not look too good.

Weird News Friday

Well, it time to take a look at the week's weirdest news stories...

1) THE ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID? AWARD: A Utah Police Chief shot himself during an instruction class. apparently he was training how to disassemble a Glock 40 and the gun discharged. Guess he missed his class about making sure that the weapon wasn't loaded!

2) THE IF YOUR FRIENDS TOLD YOU TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE WOULD YOU DO IT? AWARD: A California man was given a dare by his friends to punch a camel at Six Flags...and he did it? The camel was in a restricted area of the park. These just don't sound like friends to me...he was later arrested.

3) THE WHO WANTS TO BE A BILLIONAIRE AWARD: A Texas man was arrested for forging a 360 Billion Dollar check. The man told the tellers that his girlfirend's mother was helping him start a record business. They didn't buy that and called police and he was arrested. Police also found marijuana and a hand gun in his pockets.

4)THE WHY YOU SHOULDN'T SMOKE POT AWARD: Two Texas teens admitted that they dug up a grave so they could use the skull as a bong to smoke pot. Police were questioning htem about an ATM card theft when one of the told police of the grave robbery. They have not found the skull but they did find a disturbed grave in which the skull was missing.

5) THE TASTES LIKE CHICKEN AWARD: Sacramento police arrested a man when they found 300 dead cats in his freezer. They also say that the man had 30 living cats in the home. This is just SICK!!!

That is the weird news for the week....HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

I have to tell you...

I have tried to keep this blog separate from the things that go on at the club. But that club has become such a major part of my life that it is hard not to include it. So, forgive me!

Last night was the first night of the summer long series from The Comedy Zone. Every Wednesday night we will feature the best in national touring comedians. The 2 act shows start at 7:30 & 10 and the tickets are only $10.

I had never been to a comedy club and I have to say that nothing is better than laughter to make you feel good.

Get out of your mind, images of seedy, open mic night style comedy clubs. These acts were top professionals and were hilarious. Shawn Jones was the headliner and he has been on too many TV shows to list here...I honestly did not stop laughing through his entire show. He played with the audience that he had so both shows were different!

So, that is my plug for Stages! If anyone should want some more information please email me!

"Where Would You Rather Be" Wednesday

I had a hard time choosing the location for my destination point this week. I hit the tropics last week and I just knwo that there are other places to escape that doesn't involve getting sand in all of you crevices....

It had to be something Exciting...Fun and a bit out of the ordinary for me....



How can you go wrong with great live shows, casinos and that "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas Attitude"?

So, today I am going to pretend I am a highroller.

My Head is Spinning!!! & Pity Party!

I have had the craziest morning...it all started with a meeting at my daughter's school. Don't you hate it when these "special meetings" turn into venting sessions for the teacher! I know that my daughter is a hand ful...I know that she has serious problems...BUT we have these meetings and I am not sure why. There never seems to really be a point where the venting stops and finding solutions begin. I feel like they have given up on her. Anyway, she is not moving ahead next year...which is sad but it is the best thing for her.

I walked away from this meeting feeling like the worst mother in the world. I walked out of there feeling like I have ruined her life with my decisions. I am so much happier...but is she paying the price?

I really can't say anything more........

Sunburn and the Campaign Trail

So, I spent my Saturday on the campaign trail. I handed out flyers at the intersection in town. It is very interesting how people react to this method. Some would open their windows and others were just rude! It was a successful day and I have the sunburn to prove it. I just thank God that the election isn't in July!!!

This election seems to have taken a direction that really disappointments me on so many personal levels. There are people in the town that are voting racially and are not really looking at where such a vote would take the town. This is a town that was looked down upon since its inception. In the past year or so it has gained respect because of the way the officials were making the developers pay for growth instead of the taxpayers. There are so many rumors about what is going on and no one seems to care enough about what really matters. A RACIAL VOTE IS A VOTE AGAINST YOUR TOWN!

Election day is May 13 and it will be very interesting to see how it pans out. There is a lot of work to do so I guess my sunburn will be staying.

Freaky Friday!

My Friday Posts will now include a list of what I think are the freakiest news stories of the week!

1) DON'T TAKE OUR NAME AWARD: "Islanders File Suit Over Term 'Lesbian'" Three islanders of Lesbos, Greece have filed this suit because they are also called Lesbians. The suit asks that the Gay community be barred from using the term. I can't say that I blame them but I am not sure how effective it would be.

2) THE GET IT UP AWARD: A Chilean Town is giving Vigagra to Seniors...FREE! Lo Prado Mayor Gonzalo Navarrete said he launched the program because "an active sexuality improves the overall quality of life." Well, DUH?????

3) DON'T DISPLAY MALE ORGANS AWARD: Florida apparently has nothing better to do than to ban fake testicles on vehicles? Is this really such a widespread problem? Drivers would be fined $60. It just seems like there are other problems to deal with down there!

4) DID YOU FALL OFF THE TURNIP TRUCK YESTERDAY AWARD: A Michigan Professor made a HUGE mistake that cost him his son. He didn't know that Mike's Rock Hard Lemonade had alcohol in it and bought one for his 7-year old son at a ballgame. DUH???

So, this is the weird news of the week!

Have a great weekend!

I Need Your Help

I am looking for a domain name. I can not come up with one to save my life. I want one that represents my personality as well as my interests.

So, how do you mix these together?

hard headed
day dreamer

Graphic Design
Live Music

Any suggestions would be welcome!