It Makes You Think

I compiled these from various websites and thought I would share.


What's with the expression, "I thought to myself"? Is there another way to think other than to yourself? Can you think to someone else, or to your dog, or to a chair? Perhaps you can, which would explain why people often want to "bounce an idea off you."

People also claim to be "thinking out loud," but really they're just talking. And to listen to some folks prattling on, it's clear that just because they're talking doesn't always mean they're thinking.

Why does nodding your head up and down mean yes and shaking it back and forth mean no?

They say there's more than one way to skin a cat. Is there much demand for skinned cats? How many ways are there to skin them?

SO...for some fun...add your own!

Time is Ticking!

Well, I am busier now than ever. I am doing great at school and the grades are all good. I am learning a lot of fun things and my designs skills are getting better each week. I love it!

I am also doing a lot of organizational work for my SO on top of the things that I already do for the club. I am enjoying it though and most of the time it is running errands and it gives me a reason to get out of the house. (Although, today, it means going through paperwork and doing some filing)

I just picked up my first real client and will be designing their logo and a small website. I am very excited and my mind is full of ideas that I will soon be getting into form in Photoshop and Illustrator.

It is just amazing how I am busier now than I was while I was working. The challenge is separating the work things from the fun things too. I find that I just keep on working and soon I just put in a 16 hour work day!

So, time is ticking...gotta get back to the filing!

I Am Excited!!!

So, we finally have some country music coming to the club and I am excited!!!

First on the list is Lee Brice. A SC native that is quickly moving up the charts. He is so cute and has a great voice! Check him out here. He is coming on September 25 and I really hope we have a good crowd. Since we were able to keep the ticket price to only $13...we should have a good turn out. (You can buy tickets here)

I am so excited!!!!!!

What Are You Saying...Exactly?

Last night I watched the forum with McCain and OBama. It was pretty ho-hum for the most part but there was one question that snapped me to attention. "How can we make going into the military more appealing to young people?"

The most common answers would be salary, benefits,etc. You know, the normal things that would make any career more appealing.

O Bama's answer was odd. He repeated the statement 4 times during his answer. "We need to broaden the demographic of the people that enter the military." His answer came with no premise on how to do that.

In my opinion, it began to sound like he wanted to either bring back the draft or make military service mandatory. OMG! The concept of requiring military service is the main premise for a socialist government.

I also noticed how good he is at drawing you in. He is a talented speaker and has a way about him that makes you want to hear what he says. It is a dangerous talent and I think we should all take heed.


The actions of people around here over the past few days have provided me with some amusement. People are in a total panic...over what? A Tropical Storm that isn't even going to hit here! It isn't even a slow it will be out of here quick.

Schools are out today....some people even evacuated as early as Tuesday!

CALM DOWN PEOPLE! We have had Thunderstorms that were worse than what we are probably going to see. This is probably going to be nothing more than a Tropical Breeze!

Busier Now Than Before

It seems that I am busier now than I was when I was working. Between school, my kids, the club, homework and various design projects that I am working on...I am never without something to do.

School is going good and I am really enjoying my classes. My Illustrator class is proving to be hard and I am having to really work hard to gain understanding of it. That is fine though, I love a challenge and was really in need of one anyway.

Now, it looks like with will have to worry about Tropical Storm Hanna by the end of the week. I did my shopping yesterday because Wednesday's are busy with school and Comedy Night at the club. I knew that by Thursday, things (and people) would be getting crazy. So, we are ready in that respect. I will spend Thursday at home securing the outdoor furniture if necessary. So, for now, I am keeping up with what is going on with the storm. It is no time to slack though since there are 2 storm right behind this one!