Getting Old

So, I went to visit my family this weekend. The people that I most wanted to see were my grandparents because they are in their 80's and they have both been in and out of the hospital all year long.

Well, my grandmother is giving everyone a run for their money. She doesn't want help! She insists that my grandfather will get better and will be able to get around again. (he won't) She won't let them build a ramp so he can get out of the house, she won't let them accept the FREE help from the VA, she won't let them make repairs to the bathroom to make it compliant with their needs. It is so frustrating.

I finally had it and told her exactly what was going to happen if she didn't let them make that house safe for them. I told her that changes have to be made or she is giving them no choice but to put them in a nursing home. I was harsh but not disrespectful. But everyone there doesn't want her mad at them because it would make life a living hell. But I don't live there and I don't care.

My aunt is doing the best she can do for them because on top of having ailing parents, her husband has Parkinson's Disease. To say that she has her hands full doesn't even scratch the surface.

I understand that change is hard...but sometimes you don't really have a choice.

The Coolest Gift

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa was good to everyone this year. I had a great day and got more than I ever asked for.

The gift that ranks up there as the coolest is the Flip Video Camcorder. It is the size of a standard point and shoot camera, take 60 minutes of video, has a built in USB and is just too fun to use!

The video editing software is built right in too! This will definitely stay in my purse all the time! I guess I need to set up that YouTube account!

But in addition to video, the software allows you to take snapshots from the videos! To me, this makes this camera the most awesome gift!

Christmas Tradition

For years, Christmas Eve was always just us girls because my (now ex-) husband had to help Santa at work. ;) It was actually cool to have Christmas Eve Girls Night. So, late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve we would make a dozen or so heavy appetizers and when it was all done we would put everything on fancy Christmas dishes and set it up on the coffee table. We would watch the old Christmas Cartoons and enjoy our Christmas Eve Snack Supper.

It was really just a time to enjoy spending time together. We did not open presents but we slowed down...stopped really and just enjoyed the time together. We cuddled on the couch and got the cookies, milk and reindeer food ready for Santa and his team.

Since my divorce, this has had to be modified a bit but I have tried to maintain some of the tradition. But what really touched me was the first Christmas after my separation. I asked them what they wanted for Christmas...the answer made me cry. (and still does if it hits at just the right time) "I want to have our snack supper on Christmas Eve"

What Goes Around?????

Have you ever felt like your lifelong bad luck has rubbed off on someone? Well, I do and it really sucks.

I really can't elaborate on it....but it really sucks right now.


It has been so long since I updated on what is going on so here is a brief run down.

I finish my first semester at school today. It has been a fun and challenging experience but I am ready for a break. I am looking forward to my next semester although it will be very busy since I am taking 4 classes.

I found a job in my chosen field working for the local county in the IT department. I am the Webmaster Assistant and so far, I love it. I am learning alot about databases and web design. I will soon be able to take the design for my blog to a whole new level!!! I can hardly wait to show you how much I have learned and since this will probably become a practice ground for my new will get to witness it first hand.

So, overall, life is going great!