I Am Inspired

So, my new boss is a fantastic photographer. Well, seeing his work has inspired me. Until this past week, I have not really picked up my camera with any regularity in a very long time. He has given me some pointers regarding my camera settings and now I am feel ready to pick up my camera and find myself again.

So, on my way to work this morning, the sunrise was beautiful. I had my camera...so, I stopped at the Lemon Island boat landing. Here is the view that I get to enjoy every morning on my way to work! Enjoy!

Image Transformations

So, I have been learning a bunch of tricks in Photoshop and have been having fun taking my images to a new level. I have learned some great effects. I am focusing on learnign things that used to be done in a darkroom.

Here is an original picture of my youngest...

Here is the same image with an Orton Effect done in Photoshop.

The results might be subtle but this gives it a soft glow effect. It is actually done by adding 6 layers to the image and varying the degrees of blur, sharpness and lightness. It is a pretty cool trick.

Here is the same image with a sepia tone.

I did this manually instead of using the sepia photo filter.

Pretty cool, huh?