The "Cure" is Sometimes worse than the Illness!

Earlier this month, I got what seemed at the time to be an annoying summer cold. Well, that cold turned to Pneumonia. Well, after nothing was really working, the Doctor decided to put me on Prednisone. I told him about the cortisone shot I had gotten a few weeks earlier and he said it would not matter. So, I took the Prednisone. A few days later, my breathing was much worse and the Dr. put me on Advair. Sounds simple enough...and inhaler should help right? Well, what he didn't tell me was that Advair has an active steroid. After 3 days of taking the Advair, I started having severe chest pain, neck pain and headaches and spent 5 hours in the ER. Turns out that my body was overdosed on corticosteroid! DUH!!!

I would have been better off without the drugs that the Dr's had offered me!

Also, I am now looking for a new Dr. because I went to him with the chest pain started and he apparently thought I was having a panic attack and gave me Valium and sent me home. He didn't check anything! What a total ass!